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Gap Medics and Global Shadowing Opportunities

document.createElement('audio'); Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | SpotifyIf you’re a pre-health student interested in international travel and one of a kind clinical experiences, this is the show for you! Meet Ricky Persson of Gap Medics [1:40] Gap Medics overview  [2:16] Gap Medics coordinates short term shadowing placements in the health professions for high school and college students. The placements are in 1-week blocks; most students sign up for 1-8 weeks. How does it work?  [3:40] Students apply on the Gap Medics website—choose the destination they want to go to, the type of health professional they want to shadow, and when they want to go and for how long. The program assigns mentors based on students’ interests. Where in the world?  [4:48] Currently there are programs in Africa (Tanzania), Europe (Poland and Croatia), America (Dominican Republic), and Thailand. Who are the participants?  [5:45] Most participants are from the US, UK, and Canada, but there are increasing numbers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The language of instruction is English (mentors will translate for students). How much does it cost?  [6:37] A 1-week placement in Tanzania or the Dominican Republic is $1740 (though if you stay longer than a week, the average weekly cost generally goes down). What do the placements involve?  [7:30] It’s a hands-off shadowing experience—an observational learning experience, in accordance with AAMC guidelines. Students may attend meetings, rounds, observe procedures, etc. Any opportunities for cultural exploration or touring/travel?  [8:45] Some students may stay longer to travel. There are often opportunities to attend cultural performances, explore restaurants, etc. A typical week on a placement [10:15] Students are met at the airport and taken to the Gap Medics house to settle in. They’re given an orientation and intro to the area. The shadowing week is M-F—generally 23 hours. If they stay longer than 1 week, they can shadow a new specialty each week. Each day, they’ll have the opportunity to go out to dinner, explore cultural offerings, etc. Security issues [11:33] The destinations are vetted carefully, and they monitor all travel alerts/warnings. The houses where students stay are secure and in safe neighborhoods. And the program adheres to AAMC guidelines for time spent in the hospital, to protect students and patients. Feedback from alumni who are in med school  [13:22]   There’s an involved alumni community, and they keep in touch with their stories about applying to med school. What about people who decide—after shadowing—that med school’s not for them?  [14:30] Shadowing helps people make an educated decision, so this is a good thing. Some students also decide to pursue a different type of health career (than their original goal) after shadowing. Where is Gap Medics going in the future?  [15:42] Just added new specialties and some new locations—including a program in the Dominican Republic on medical Spanish. How will this experience help pre-meds’ applications?  [16:45] It helps people understand and articulate their motivation for pursuing a health career. People also gain experiences in medical education, crossing cultural barriers, and patient care, which are often meaningful experiences to draw on for essays and interviews. Related Links: †¢Ã‚  Gap Medics †¢ Gap Medics on Facebook †¢Ã‚  Gap Medics on Twitter †¢Ã‚  Student Success Stories †¢Ã‚  Get Accepted to Med School in 2017 (On Demand Webinar) †¢Ã‚  What I Learned From My Shadowing Experiences †¢Ã‚  Meaningful Experiences for Medical School Applicants Related shows: †¢Ã‚  The Unbelievable Story of an Orthopedic Surgeon †¢Ã‚  Insight from a Successful, Non-Traditional Premed and now M2 †¢Ã‚  Exploring Yale’s Top-Rated Physician Assistant Program †¢Ã‚  Attn Med Applicants: A Class Is Matriculated Every Single Year †¢Ã‚  Baylor College Of Medicine: A Holistic Approach To Admissions   Subscribe: ;

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Role Models Influence Us As Humans - 1830 Words

Role models influence us as humans. We use our parents, community leaders, and even celebrities to shape ourselves in a similar way to them. Media, like a role model, influences society. Also, media, which society creates, is also the tool that shapes and moulds it. The theory that media (technology) shapes society – technological determinism – is introduced by Canadian scholars Harold Innis and Marshall. Though this is a technologically determinist way of looking at communication, the different modes of communication (media) – oral, literate, and electronic –influence society through the way we store knowledge, through the manner in which we share knowledge, and through the way we connect with each other socially. First, the oral mode of communication influenced society through the way we store knowledge. In an oral society, particular members of society store important knowledge. For instance, in First Nations communities in Canada the Elders store their history and tradition and share it with the future generations. In the book Aboriginal Perspectives, the Kainai Board of Education, who educates the Nitsitapi tribal members in Alberta, states that â€Å"past generations depend upon Elders to pass along their stories, and future generations depend on the young to learn and remember the Elder’s knowledge† (KBE 50). This society depends heavily on its members to survive. As a result, separating the members of this society can result in the loss of vital knowledge –for example,Show MoreRelatedMyths and Heroes1694 Words   |  7 Pagesand attracted by their good qualities which motivate us to do something good to the society. We can learn good qualities like patriotism, brav ery, courage, non violence, compassion, humility, kindness. I would like to illustrate this notion through the theme of Influence and Role Models. We may wonder how can the actions of icons of the past have consequences on people nowadays? In order to illustrate the fact that what they do influence us, our lives, our beliefs, our values My presentation willRead MoreRole Model Essay964 Words   |  4 PagesA role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential, and see the best in ourselves. A role model is someone we admire and someone we inspire to be like. Most kids of today pick their role models from who they see on TV. Role models are a large part of everyone’s lives. Every person is looking for something different when searching for the best role model for them. But who makes a good model? The celebrities that kids are looking up to areRead MoreHuman Behavior And Human Development Essay1530 Words   |  7 Pagesstudy of human genes is increasingly improving our understanding of human development, it is not solely our genetic makeup that determines how we will develop. Humans as a species share many universal traits, which make it easy to disregard the large influence the environment plays in development. Throughout the lifespan, the environment presents itself in many different positions that help determine and shape human development. By looking at the influence of the environment and genetics on human developmentRead MoreMental Health Nursing Essay1248 Words   |  5 Pagescurrent illnesses as complex and multifaceted (source). In past models, for instance the medical model, the approach was straightforward and neglected the patients active involvement in their care; the patient was viewed as the passive recipient and the doctor, an active agent that â€Å"fixed† their patients. ( source). New developed models since then, such as the biopsychosocial model, show us that care focuses on many factors. The model demonstrates understanding of how suffering, disease, and illnessRead MoreThe Movement Of Positive Psychology1151 Words   |  5 PagesThe movement of positive psychology is a reminder that our field and st udy has been focusing on things like anxiety, disease, weakness, and damage. This movement urged us to shift our focus to include the study of strength and virtue as well. Positive psychology is stating that the field of psychology is more than just the study of illness or health but rather it is also about â€Å"work, education, insight, love, growth, and play† (Seligman, 2002). Positive psychology is the study of strengths thatRead MoreThe Theories Of Human Development774 Words   |  4 PagesTheories of Human development are relevant and matter in the â€Å"real world†. In my clinical practice as a psychologist-in-training, I have found human development theories to be very useful in conceptualizing and understanding my client’s distress. I used theoretical frameworks that are based on theories of human development to guide my interventions in therapy. For example, as a brief psychodynamic clinician, I look to Freud’s theory of anxiety to understand how distress was developed for my clientsRead MoreThe Power of Choice Essay751 Words   |  4 Pagesalways made by peer pressure, another factor could be the influence of a role model. For many kids their role models are a favorite singer, athlete, or their parents. Based on what their role model would do, they would think it is right to do also. As years pass, kids may change who their role models are but at the same time, they can keep the same one, they may just have a better understanding of what to do. Sometimes the views of their role model is that, if he or she can do it, it will be okay forRead MorePersonal Worldview Inventory : Worldview1164 Words   |  5 Pages2006). Worldview can also be influenced by the spiritual nature of individuals as this requires a consideration so as to take a person’s holistic care. These postmodern and scientific models of philosophy are the current factor that hinders the total spiritual approval in healthcare. Faith in me is greatly an influence of my worldview; also I have a science rich background that portrays the potentiality of multicultural relationship. Spirituality and philosophical concepts. The sense of spiritualityRead MoreThe Fundamental Issue Of Stakeholder Management1552 Words   |  7 Pagesstakeholder definition is similar to Freeman’s definition. The only difference is that organisation is also can be a stakeholder and influence or impact can be due to decision or outcome of a project. Management of stakeholders in projects Project stakeholder management contains processes to identify stakeholders, their expectations, concerns, needs, interests and their influences in the first step and then to adopt appropriate management strategies to engage the identified stakeholders in project executionRead MoreBronfenbrenners Ecological Model757 Words   |  4 PagesCommunity Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of development is relevant to state of all our lives. His research shows how our development is affected by the environment we are in. This is explained to us in five different parts. Urie Bronfenbrenner proposes an ecological theory that centers on the relationship between the developing individual and the changing environmental systems. This theory is broken down into a model of five different relationships of

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Department Of Homeland Security Access Control Local It...

Department of Homeland Security Access Control local IT policy 1. Purpose This directive established the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy for the protecting the data center from unauthorized access by preventing personnel who are not authorized to use the resources of the organization from gaining access and potentially causing harm. 2. Scope This directive applies to all Tier I staff of the DHS data center. This document provides the minimum DHS level of information systems/computer security requirements. Supervisors and individual system may impose more stringent security requirements for the protection of their system data and infrastructure. 3. Definitions a) Information systems: Include but not limited to information†¦show more content†¦Such exceptions must be submitted in writing to the DHS CIO for approval 1. Account Management. All users must be properly identified and verified prior to being granted access to government computers and network services. At a minimum, a domain unique user name and properly formatted password will be employed. 2. Strong Password Assignment. The password must be a minimum of ten characters in length and must contain alpha, numeric, and special characters. Default passwords should be immediately changed when assigned. Users must never reveal their passwords to anyone. Passwords should not be constructed from obvious personal data, i.e. social security number, telephone numbers, relative’s names, pet’s name, etc. 3. Permitted Actions without Identification: DHS does not allow anyone on the network to have access to Information Technology or Information System without having a DHS standard user name and password so that person can be identified and monitor while access DHS Information Technology. 4. Remote Access. While away from government facilities, and in keeping with Federal telecommuting guidance, a secure remote access capability is implemented within DHS. Users are required to protect equipment and Internet access addresses as well as passwords. DHS, strong Identification Authentication and encryption controls are used when accessing DHS remote access capability. Government owned equipment is strongly recommended when remotely accessing DHSShow MoreRelatedThe Transportation Security Administration ( Fema )1540 Words   |  7 Pages This report below is a concerning the overall DHS program prioritization which will address the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is a directorate under the DHS and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which become part of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate of DHS. This report could have not been prepared without gathering background information concerning the following area hazar d/threats, hazard identification and risk analysis, terroristRead MoreThe Department Of Homeland Security1176 Words   |  5 Pagesthreats. Citizens criticize policies in national security as infringing on civil liberties, and an ongoing debate ensues over the sacrifice of civil liberties in the name of national security. The DHS continues to evolve in analyzing future threats and identifying means for the organization to meet them. The DHS’s overall mission is to, â€Å"†¦ensure a homeland that is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards.† (U.S. Department of Homeland Security 2015, np). The overall missionRead MoreCritical Infrastructure Protection1106 Words   |  5 PagesProtecting an infrastructure takes an important security initiative called Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). The United States critical infrastructure is protected by the Department of Homeland Security. Examine three areas of the Department of Homeland Security: mission, operations and responsibilities The first area is the Department of Homeland Security’s mission. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in 2002 by the Homeland Security Act. In 2003 the DHS started their operationsRead MoreAfter The 9/11 Attack, Many Agencies DidnT Know What To1630 Words   |  7 Pagesterrorism was the cause of it, that s why President Bush created a new defense called Homeland Security to prevent that from happening again. He had to arrange everything in the Criminal Justice system to place it together, but in order for everything to go out smoothly federal agencies will need the help of local law enforcement because they will be the first responders on the crime scene when something bad happens. Local law enforcement usually have it concerns with preventing or solving crimes suchRead MoreIt Comes To Light That Police Departments Across The States1741 Words   |  7 Pageslight that police departments across the states play an important role in fighting and preventing terr orism. They are being trained to learn and investigate local terrorist threats throughout the United States, and to make sure the community is protected from such harm. In to do so police officers will have to extend they stay in the community and be involved in such activities and improve the community trust, another thing they will have to do is to build a partnership with other local businesses andRead MoreAn Internal Central Intelligence Agency1579 Words   |  7 Pages(9/11 Commission Report). The U.S Intelligence Community is made up of 15 different agencies, offices, and organizations within the Executive branch. There are 8 components in the Department of Defense, two in the department of Homeland Security, and one in each of the separate State, Energy, Treasury, and Justice departments, and one independent agency, the CIA (COICUS, 2005 APP C). Prior to 9/11 each of these agencies and components are competing for relevance and funding. They had different goalsRead MoreThe Homeland Security Act Of 20021562 Words   |  7 PagesThe Homeland security act of 2002, was a major reconstruction of civil services in the United States of America, which had not happened since the passing of the Civil Service Reform act of 1978 (Brook King, 2007). Over the period of 24 years, minor modifications of civil service reform were established. The events that took place during the September 11 terrorist attacks would once more restructure the United States civil services. George H W Bush proclaimed in his state of the union addressRead MoreBlood Contamination From Donors For Hiv / Aids1626 Words   |  7 Pageswas not screened in centuries before, which did not eliminate any possible infectious disease transmission. For example, HIV and Hepatitis was easily circulated through blood donations because the technology was not born yet. There are several departments in the CDC that function together to sample, screen, and test all blood donors for any diseases. The National Center for HIV / AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP), the Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory ServicesRead MoreAviation Security and Al Qaeda in Yemen: Findings and Recommendations923 Words   |  4 PagesAviation Security and al Qaeda in Yemen Aviation Security and al Qaeda in Yemen: According to reports by many administration officials, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has tried on various occasions to attack the United States homeland. As a result, the Yemen-based terrorist group or organization is regarded as the most lethal affiliate of al-Qaeda network. Since December 2009 to December 2010, AQAP has tried to attack the American homeland at least of two separate occasions. The firstRead MoreA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition1491 Words   |  6 PagesSCADA/ Stuxnet Worm A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system consists of both hardware and software that collects critical information to keep a facility operating (Johnson Merkow, 2011, p. 227). SCADA system vulnerabilities include the lack of monitoring, slow updates, lack of knowledge about devices, not understanding traffic, and authentication holes (Adams, 2015). When an organization doesn’t monitor the network, it makes it impossible to notice suspicious activity

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Immigration During The United States - 1662 Words

Tara Paddyaker PS1113 Roni O’Dell Word: 1662 Immigration Immigration has played a huge role in settling America. Once known as â€Å"the melting pot† America has a wider diverse population. The history of immigration is what built America and created that diversity. Over the last 150 years, immigration laws have been enacted and changed to meet the demands of the influx of immigrants. Both Republicans and Democrats see immigration as a political battlefield. Each party blames the other for the lack of cooperation and lack of progress in passing legislation. Obama has used immigration as one of his main platforms in his campaign to become president. Obama’s immigration policies have shocked America recently in the news. Lastly, I will discuss my views on immigration and what I think our politicians should do to improve on policy and reform. Immigration in the United States is as older than the United States. When American was being settled there was open immigration, until 1875 when the Supreme Court declared immigration regulation federal responsibility. The first Immigration Service was established in 1891 due to an increase in immigration in 1880. The â€Å"Great Wave† occurred between 1900 to 1920 when 24 million immigrants arrived. The start of World War I decreased immigration from Europe. Mass immigration resumed as the war ended. Congress responded with the creation of a new immigration policy the national-origins quota system of 1921. During the DepressionShow MoreRelatedImmigration During The United States1078 Words   |  5 Pageshappening. While immigration has been with the U.S. from the very beginning, it’s becoming worse with every year. In order to understand illegal immigration, one must first know the laws and background. â€Å"The United States Supreme court determined that immigration came under federal jurisdiction in 1875, and Congress established the Immigration Service in 1891†(â€Å" History of Immigration Laws in the U.S.† 7-9) This was the first ever service which established the standard immigration laws. While thereRead MoreImmigration During The United States3467 Words   |  14 PagesImmigration In The U.S. Immigrants have existed since human evolution began 50,000 years ago. Migration contains many benefits for everyone. Immigrants help keep the economy balanced; both financially and naturally, They help keep the human population balanced, and allow knowledge to be spread. Immigrants are not always treated as nicely though and many do not believe that immigrants are useful to the economy. Immigration is defined as people who move to a new country where they are not consideredRead MoreImmigration During The United States1902 Words   |  8 PagesImmigration in America Immigration in America started way back in the day specifically in 1600 with the English pilgrims. People tend migrate in other countries for many different reasons. The colonization/mass immigration to the Americas started with Europeans seeking for religious freedom, about 100 settlers has settled themselves not too far from Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.They were welcomed by the native people who taught them how to survive some bad weather condition. The settlers cameRead MoreImmigration During The United States1199 Words   |  5 PagesLet Immigration in America be Great â€Å"Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists† (Franklin D. Roosevelt). For many years immigration has been a controversial topic, despite the fact that most of us are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Unless one is a Native American, most people migrated here from Mexico, China, or any other country besides the United States. The majority of immigrants in this country areRead MoreImmigration Reform During The United States925 Words   |  4 Pagesboth legal and illegal are mainly from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Uncontrolled immigration has been blamed on loss of jobs, higher crime rates and housing problems in the US. While these immigrants play a unique role in the economy, the executive and the legislature have found it necessary to control the inflow of these immigrants for various reasons. A number of laws and immigration policies have been enacted to create order in this issue. How these laws are perceived by immigrantsRead MoreBenefits Of Immigration Reform During The United States Essay1651 Words   |  7 Page sBenefits of Immigration Reform Today, the need for immigration reform questions many economic, political and moral realities in our country. In particular, the current immigration reform as a major issue in the Latino community. Each area will be examined with an emphasis on how each is beneficial to the economy, as well as touching on the differences between the key opinions around immigration reform. Latinos make up a large portion of the people impacted by the outcome reform bill. The MigrationRead MoreImmigration Reform During The United States1120 Words   |  5 PagesImmigration Reform Immigration reform has long been a battle for the United States and its people. One side of the spectrum the American people say, bring more people in and the other side says, enough! Lock the borders! Send them home. So who is right? The complexity of the immigration issue is not easily answered morally, however studies show the economic impact is vastly different in the way we choose to handle this problem. This article explores several economic possibilities if another massRead MoreThe Struggles Of Immigration During The United States2707 Words   |  11 PagesThe Struggles of Immigration â€Å"Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.† (― Franklin D. Roosevelt) Immigration itself is a powerful word to all immigrants living in the United States. Let’s be honest with ourselves when you hear the word immigration, the first thing that pops up in our minds is Mexican. Why is it that when we hear the word immigration we think of Mexicans? That is something that nobody will ever understandRead MoreAnti Immigration And Xenophobia During The United States2083 Words   |  9 PagesWhen thinking of Europe, it is automatically thought of anti-immigration and xenophobia due to the numbers of immigrants from diverse parts of the world; that is with the exception of Spain. A country in the south of France with southern borders to a developing country and a strong colonizing history, Spain does not seem like a country that had just started to become an immigration country. For a country with recent immigration history, it does have a lot of migration dilemmas that test the toleranceRead MoreMexican Immigration And The United States1563 Words   |à ‚  7 PagesThrough studying immigration statistical data, it has been found that the highest percentage of mexican immigration has occurred on the most recent decades. However, there was a high percentage of mexican immigration on the years of the 1920s and the 1940s. These two decades were having an increase in mexican immigration due to the establishment of the Bracero Program. This program was started during the 1920s and again in the 1940s, but was later stopped in the 1960s. Between and after, these time

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Essay on The Projection of Hamlet’s Emotions Through Adult...

The Projection of Hamlet’s Emotions Through Adult Sexuality In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the question of sexuality and the role of women becomes a substantial component in analyzing Hamlet’s character and behavior. The motif of misogyny occurs intermittently throughout the play shown largely through Hamlets relationships with both Gertrude and Ophelia. Clearly hurt by Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius so soon after his father’s death Hamlet becomes cynical of women and surmises that they are all immoral creatures. He develops a particular obsession with female sexuality and incestuous relations. Hamlet forms a connection between women and immorality, thus using his his mother’s incestous actions as a basis to surmise that all women are†¦show more content†¦The very fact that his mother did not mourn such a grand man as his father made Hamlet feel as if she had betrayed not only her husband, but him as well. He personifies her as a beast, an animal that could not even properly mourn someone that s he had once called husband. The way Hamlet addresses his mother shows his cold reception towards her,â€Å"You are the Queen, your husbands brothers wife, / And, would it were not so, you are my mother. (3.4. 16-17). He refuses to acknowledge his mother as anything other than King Hamlets wife. Hamlet chooses to refer to her as his father’s brother’s wife, not allowing Claudius to become relevant in his speech. Hamlet wishes that Gertrude were no longer his mother, for she has brought shame and grief to his already faltering soul. Her relationship with Claudius has directly affected Hamlet not only in his emotional state, but in his physical being. The thought of incestous occurences happening in the marital bed between Claudius and Gertrude brings only nausea and anger to Hamlet. The very fact that this union has occurred has poisoned his royal lineage. Yet the only emotions Hamlet can express unabashedly are those of disgust and grief that have been brought upon h im by his mother. The amount of pathos in Hamlet’s speech becomes heightened as he becomes increasingly obsessed

B321 Tma 02 Free Essays

Question 1 (a) Simons (1999, pg 768) describes intrinsic motivation as â€Å"desire to engage in behaviours or actions in anticipation of internally- generated rewards such as personal feelings of accomplishment† and extrinsic motivation Simons describes as (1999, pg 766) â€Å"desire to engage in behaviours or actions in anticipation of tangible rewards, such as money or promotion†. Extrinsic motivation is created by financial incentives. An incentive as Simons (1999, 767) describes as being â€Å"a reward or payment that is used to motivate performance. We will write a custom essay sample on B321 Tma 02 or any similar topic only for you Order Now The two types of motivation mentioned above can be used to design a rewards package for the product centre managers. First I will discuss intrinsic motivation; this type of motivation is â€Å"from within† (as Simon states (1999, pg 245)) rather than external. Managers can improve intrinsic motivation, Simon’s (1999, pg 245) states â€Å"they can make people proud of where they work† and also â€Å"they can involve subordinates in the goal setting process to increase the likelihood that subordinates will see the goals as legitimate. If subordinates are included in the process of setting goals-asked to provide input and information –they are more likely to feel that the goals are legitimate and work more diligently to achieve them†. The motivation is aligned to Air Tex Aviation’s performance goals, which are, the granting of credit but managers have performance goals set by Ted, monthly charges against their departmental profits, managers are more likely to stick to the rules set by Ted because they are in control of credit. Also, the purchasing of capital equipment and operating supplies but having predetermined limits this gives the managers a sense of control and able to make decisions without having to ask permission whenever a purchase was to be made. Moreover product managers are allowed to set policies such as pricing for products or services. They also have the power to hire, fire and administer the salary. Product centre managers can rewarded because they have the responsibility to do the above and are free to make choices within set boundaries. Other rewards can be meaningfulness managers may feel they are doing something important. Also another reward is having the competence, managers can feel satisfied. Lastly, another reward is having the sense of progress, product centre managers will feel they have gained something. I will now discuss the extrinsic incentives, Simons (1999 pg 245-246) states â€Å"financial performance awards-typically in the form of bonuses-can be linked explicitly to the achievement of goals and targets. Since incentives are to motivate performance Ted has allocated 10% bonus to managers. (b) Simon’s four levers of control can be used in the implementation of strategy for Air Tex Aviation. Simon’s states â€Å"Strategic control is not achieved through new and unique performance measurement and control system, but through belief systems, boundary systems, diagnostic control systems and interactive control systems working together to control both the implementation of intended strategies and the formation of emergent strategies†. Simon’s (1999, pg 763) describes belief systems as â€Å"explicit set of organisational definitions that senior managers communicate formally and reinforce systematically to provide basic values, purpose, and direction for the organisation†. Figure 14-2 Levers of control (Simon’s pg, 305) shows belief systems as â€Å"strategy as Perspective† and â€Å"Obtaining Commitment to the Grand Purpose, this in the context of Airtex Aviation are firstly Ted and Frank have taken control of the business, Ted is President and chief operating officer and Frank is chairmanship. They also have a vision to grow at a rate of 20% per year for the first five years. To implement strategy Ted and Frank decentralised authority and made each operating activity a profit centre and grouped them by departments. Departments were given authority over his operations. This creates shared beliefs and missions within the business. Employees will be more motivated because of the more control they have and they will have the sense of belonging to the business. Simon’s (1999, pg 764) describes boundary systems as â€Å"explicit statements embedded in formal information systems that define and communicate specific risks to be avoided†. Boundary Systems in the situation of Air Tex Aviation are, Simon’s (1999, pg 297) described as â€Å"rules, limits and proscriptions†. Rules in Airtex Aviation are decentralising the business, installing a control system. Limits introduced are profit centre’s having the authority to buy operating supplies and capital equipment with purchase order limits. A reason for limits is described by Simon’s (1999, pg 297) as â€Å"to allow individual creativity within defined limits of freedom†. Proscriptions include removing Sarah Arthur and her accounting system as it was not working and introduce a control system that support’s the management and provides information needed in order to make decisions. The accounting system before gave employees a lack of motivation because they were not involved in the decision making process. Also Simon’s (1999, pg 279) states â€Å"communicate standards of business conduct for all employees†, that’s what the new control system does, involves all employees. My recommendations to AirTex Aviation would be use all four levers of control together as one can’t work without the others. Also I would recommend the company when financially able to perhaps train managers, as most employees have only studied up to high school. Another recommendation would be for the department managers to set out goals for their own departments, use a balance scorecard or something similar. Moreover, I would also recommend the business owners to draw up perhaps a mission statement or a statement of purpose and distribute it to each manager, so they know the objective and purpose of the business. Overall, the owners have turned the business around and should carry on as they have done so. Question 2 (a) In the article by Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994), most of the interviewees agreed, net present value is superior to payback. I will summarise the views of the five interviewees below. Adam a lecturer was one those that thought that NPV is better than PB. Adam does however think that payback, in Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994) â€Å"works fine for simple, straightforward projects†, but does say how useless it is and NPV gives the right answer and considers time value for money. He also thinks that NPV has no disadvantage whatsoever. He also goes on to say that calculating NPV is easy because of the use of computers. His academic group also agree with him that NPV is superior. Frank chief accountant was one of those interviewed who was against NPV and suspicious of it, describing it as â€Å"dangerous† Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994). He has been using PB for many years and says it is simple to use and NPV is complicated, time consuming and â€Å"conveys spurious accuracy† Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994). He also says that NPV is hard for managers to understand they prefer PB. Simon a senior finance manager thought no appraisal method has â€Å"importance† but believes â€Å"NPV only relevant with high interest rates long time periods†, Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994). He believes that information given to managers should be what they want and accountants should help in making investment decisions not decide which appraisal method to use. Judy a junior finance manager prefers to use NPV rather than PB because it considers time value for money which is important in her view. She also says â€Å"NPV gives ability to alter assumptions identify different outcomes† Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994). She has very strong views for NPV and thinks managers should use this technique only. Managers have studied MBA’s so thinks it will be easy for them to understand. But â€Å"She fears that she may be ‘a victim of my training’ which might have been academic ‘brainwashing’†, Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994). Len a finance officer also says net present value is superior to payback. He doesn’t agree with Adam’s suggestion that â€Å"PB figures might be adjusted to reflect more clearly the results of NPV analysis† Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D, because of ethical rules. (1994). He too like Adam finds calculating NBV easy because of the use of computers. The interviewee’s which I mostly agree with are Len, Judy and Adam this is because, they believe that NPV is superior to PB. Also NPV considers time value of money and is easy to calculate because of the use of computers. I also agree with Judy that managers should be taught NPV because PB is simple and as Adam said NPV should be used for minor projects. (b) Pure reasoning in my view would be coming up with answers which would be the norm and what most people would agree to. An example in B321 case studies would have to be that of Classic Pen Company: Developing an ABC Model. Jane Dempsey came up with information by using methods such as activity based costing used by accountants. Overall, I think pure reasoning would have the most influence on someone’s decision making process this is because most people adhere to the norm they don’t want to be seen as deviant. Also most people would be scared to do otherwise just in case the decision doesn’t turn out to be as expected, which may get them into a lot of trouble. (c) My views have changed since reading the article because, before I thought that calculating net present value for investment appraisal was complex and very complicated but both Adam and Len find it easy because of the use of computers. Also before reading the article I thought payback was completely useless and unreliable for investment appraisal but as Adam points out it is fine to use on simple projects. Also another benefit for NPV is that it â€Å"gives ability to alter assumptions identify different outcomes†, Jones, T. C. and Dugdale, D. (1994) as Judy points out. Both appraisal methods have their benefits, net present value has more benefits overall. Question 3 (a) Total machine hours: 880,000 ? 44,000 = 20 Game Pies: 20 ? 4,000 = 80,000 ? 2000 = ? 40 per batch Pork Pies: 20 ? 40,000 = 800,000 ? 20,000 = ? 40 per batch (b) Set up related: 420,000 ? 200 = 2,100 Pork Pies: 2,100 ? 120 = 252,000 ? 20,000 = ? 12. 60 Game Pies: 2,100 ? 80 = 168,000 ? 2,000 = ? 84 Purchasing related: 240,000 ? 480 = 500 Pork Pies: 500 ? 320 = 160,000 ? 20,000 = ? 8 Game Pies: 500? 160 = 80,000 ? 2,000 = ? 40 Volume related: 44,000 + 88,000 = 132,000 220,000 ? 32,000 = 1. 67 Pork Pies: 1. 67 ? 120,000 = ? 200,400 ? 20,000 = ? 10. 02 Game Pies: 1. 67 ? 12,000 = ? 20,040 ? 2000 = ? 10. 02 Cost centre costs for pork pies per batch: ? 12. 60 + ? 8 + ? 10. 02 = ? 30. 62 Cost centre costs for game pies per batch: ? 84 + ? 40 + ? 10. 02 = ? 134. 02 (c) The difference with activity based costing and traditional costing is, firstly traditional costing only assigns overhead c ost: machine hours or direct labour hours to products. Whereas activity based costing uses activities â€Å"for accumulating costs† as described by Atkinson (2004, pg 127). How to cite B321 Tma 02, Papers

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